Compact Rotary Basket Washer

The Gladiator CRB

The Gladiator CRB washer is setting a new standard of excellence in aqueous-based parts washing. The CRB Immersion/Agitation Cleaning System was developed to provide efficient cleaning of a variety of parts in a portable unit requiring minimal floor space. The process consists of a turbulated immersion wash with heated cleaning solution and vertical agitation. The process will also features fixture rotation to enhance washing and drainage. The powerful Gladiator washers employ industrial-grade cleaning and reliability at the right price.

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Standard Mechanics

  • Gearmotor
  • Oil Disk Skimmer
  • Screw Plug Heater
  • SS Horizontal Centrifugal Pump
  • Threaded Poly Educators

Standard Electrical

  • 230V 3PH Standard
  • NEMA 12 Controls Enclosure
  • Low Level Heater/Pump Protection
  • Thermostatic Heater Control
  • Door Safety Switch


  • 480V 3PH
  • Automatic Heater Timer
  • Automatic Level Control
  • Casters
  • Drain Valve
  • Part Washing Baskets
  • Solution Filtering
  • Upper Enclosure w/ Spray
Model A
Load/Unload Height (in)
Height (in)
Width (in)
Depth (in)
2CRB50 36 80 54 58
2 CRB50 w/ Optional Cabinet 36 80 54 58
2+2 CRB50 36 80 54 58
2+2 CRB50 w/ Optional Cabinet 36 80 54 58
Financing Available

To learn more about financing or purchasing options, please contact:

Steve Anatra
Sales Manager / Parts Washer Division
D: (419) 434-3163