Today, 80 percent of all businesses lease equipment and FMT is committed to assisting you with your equipment financing, if needed. State Bank is a trusted partner of FMT and they are at the forefront of providing your business with capital to grow and have the financial tools you need to succeed. If your business is considering a lease for equipment, talk to their commercial lenders to learn about the options available to you. Learn more about State Bank

Benefits and Options

  • No down payment required
  • New or used equipment available
  • Variable payments for seasonal businesses
  • Fixed rate interest for the lease term
  • Lease structures available to meet tax objectives

Tax Lease vs. Capital Lease

There are two versions you can benefit from: a tax lease or a capital lease. A tax lease provides the leasing company with the equipment ownership and depreciation benefits, but lease payments are fully deductible for you. All documentation for the lease conforms to all related guidelines.

A capital lease (a.k.a finance lease) gives you all the benefits of ownership, including depreciation. However, only the interest of the lease payments is deductible, along with the depreciation expense. Commonly, capital leases have a $1 purchase option at expiration, We recommend discussing the options with your tax advisor to decide which lease best fits your needs.